Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In a League of His Own

When you do something in golf that Tiger Woods hasn't done, you're doing something right.

Over the weekend, Dustin Johnson rolled through the golf version of March Madness, culminating with a 1UP victory over Jon Rahm to claim the Dell Match Play down in Austin. I say it's March Madness because the PGA Tour goes through a 64-player bracket, much like the NCAA Tournament.

It may as well been a one man event.

Johnson, already the #1 player in the world, proved that ranking by earning his 3rd win in as many starts, and in the process becoming the 1st player to win all 4 World Golf Championships (Match Play, HSBC, Bridgestone, and Mexico Championships) in a career. Tiger has the most, but he never won the HSBC.

And he knocked off golf's hottest rookie to do it.

Rahm, already a winner on TOUR earlier in the year, dominated through the early portion of the bracket, with his closest match coming in a 3 and 2 (meaning up by 3 holes with 2 to play) win over Bill Haas in the semis.

Johnson had the gas pedal flat on the floor early, starting 5UP thru 8 holes, in what looked like a blowout.

But in a match-up with this much firepower, anything can happen.

  Rahm cut into the deficit early on the back, then won 3 of 4 holes from 13-17, getting back to 1DN heading to 18. But Johnson, being the top player in the world, shut the door on 18 to seal the deal.

The TOUR heads south to Houston for the the Shell Houston Open for the final tune-up before the best week of the year...Masters week.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

From the Range to the Round

Let the Big Dog Eat

I think the biggest thing I've learned about this golf blog is that you have to be interesting to be seen. I started out writing generic tournament previews and recaps, which are fine, and I will continue doing that. But in order to gain followers and popularity, you have to be unique. Golf can be viewed as boring by some people, so you have to constantly find ways to make it interesting, even to people who don't care much for it.

Equipment Malfunction

I kind of mentioned it in my first answer, but instead of focusing strictly on the PGA Tour, I've started to implement articles on college golf, both men's and women's. I think that makes my blog a little more unique, especially since I play on the team. It kind of gives an inside perspective into college athletics.

The Back 9

I'm going into sports broadcasting, so having a blog on sports gives me a certain level of "expertise" in the subject (even if my golf game says otherwise.) I also think it's unique, as it isn't a popular sport(football, basketball) and it isn't a popular local team that would otherwise get lost in the clutter. The blog is something I can attach to my resume to show that I have more than just basic knowledge.

"Competitive Golf is Played Mainly on a Five-and-a-Half Inch Course, the Space Between your Ears"

I would say it has caused me to think more creatively. Early on, I was pretty dry and boring, which matched people's opinion of the sport. That isn't fun to read. So I have done my best to think a little more outside the box when I write, because I know there are people out there who couldn't care less about golf. So my writing is what will keep them interested.

The Next 18

I think the biggest things are to be original, and be creative. Original meaning don't just do what everyone else is doing. I could've very easily written a blog on the Thunder, or OU athletics. But I felt like there were so many of those, mine would just be white noise. Next, being creative means making something boring something fun. Golf doesn't have big collisions, or heart-stopping drama. Not to everyone. To me, there is nothing like a guy coming down the 18th fairway, knowing he needs a birdie to tie, and attacking a dangerous pin dangling behind a lake. That is drama, and that is how I latch readers to my writing.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

UCO Women's Golf Needs Attention

We've focused a lot on the PGA Tour here, and for good reason.

The casual golf fan likely doesn't care about the Web.com Tour, or the European Tour, or the Adams Tour, or unfortunately, the LPGA Tour.

I bet these girls care about it though.

The UCO women's golf team works just as hard as the men's team, plays some of the same courses, and works out just like any other golf team, yet they don't get the recognition they deserve.

Well let's change that.

The girls took part in the Diffee Ford Lincoln Invitational at Kickingbird Golf Club, beginning on Monday. Here was their lineup for the event.

1. Marla Souvannasing
2. Makena Mucciaccio
3. Grace Shin
4. Sydney Roberts
5. Anna Pool

If you were outside on Monday, you knew how HORRIBLE the wind was. Only 13 of the 86 players in the field shot in the 70s, and UCO had three of them.

Freshman Sydney Roberts led the way, shooting 76 to put her in a tie for 5th in the individual standings. Marla Souvannasing and Makena Mucciaccio both shot 79. As a team, the Bronchos were in 2nd place, six shots behind Southwestern Oklahoma.

The real fireworks happened on the back 9 on Tuesday.

Roberts, who came into the final round seven shots back, fired a 4-under 31 on the back 9, pulling off a huge comeback to win the individual crown by a shot. Roberts had an eagle and two birdies on her final 9 en route to a 2-under 68.

Roberts big back 9 rallied the rest of the Bronchos, and they too came back to win the team title, beating 1st-round leader SWOSU by three shots.

Mucciaccio shot a 2-over 72 to finish T-7th, while Souvannasing shot 75 to finish 13th.

THESE GIRLS ARE GOOD. And for how well they perform, I think they should get the publicity they deserve. Congrats girls!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Equipment Blogs and Purchasing

Back in the old days, golf was played with wooden clubs, made by a handful of manufacturers, and used by everyone. Today, there are so many brands and styles to choose from that it can get a little overwhelming. 

That’s where golf equipment blogs come in handy. People begin these blogs to provide club reviews, suggestions, and information on what the professionals use. However, these blogs can provide a slanted look on what clubs are best for each individual.

Even though golf blogs provide great insight into equipment, they also make the buying process more difficult.

People have become so obsessed with what professional players use that they just buy it for that reason alone. Websites like Golf WRX, The Sand Trap, and My GolfSpy were created to give golfers a look into professional equipment, while also providing “expert reviews” on the biggest name in the club industry. 
Golfers will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on clubs just because their favorite pro uses them, instead of buying the clubs best fit to them. That is my biggest problem with golf blogs, is that most of the reviews are tailored to the person using them. While they can be great for information, I’m not sure they work well for purchasing decisions.

The ability to use the Internet has both helped and hurt the golf industry, in that it allows amateur golfers to find out information on clubs, but it also doesn’t provide them with the perfect club for them. Golf blogs are great for chunks of facts, but if you want the best clubs for you, go get fitted by a golf pro.