Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Equipment Blogs and Purchasing

Back in the old days, golf was played with wooden clubs, made by a handful of manufacturers, and used by everyone. Today, there are so many brands and styles to choose from that it can get a little overwhelming. 

That’s where golf equipment blogs come in handy. People begin these blogs to provide club reviews, suggestions, and information on what the professionals use. However, these blogs can provide a slanted look on what clubs are best for each individual.

Even though golf blogs provide great insight into equipment, they also make the buying process more difficult.

People have become so obsessed with what professional players use that they just buy it for that reason alone. Websites like Golf WRX, The Sand Trap, and My GolfSpy were created to give golfers a look into professional equipment, while also providing “expert reviews” on the biggest name in the club industry. 
Golfers will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on clubs just because their favorite pro uses them, instead of buying the clubs best fit to them. That is my biggest problem with golf blogs, is that most of the reviews are tailored to the person using them. While they can be great for information, I’m not sure they work well for purchasing decisions.

The ability to use the Internet has both helped and hurt the golf industry, in that it allows amateur golfers to find out information on clubs, but it also doesn’t provide them with the perfect club for them. Golf blogs are great for chunks of facts, but if you want the best clubs for you, go get fitted by a golf pro.

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